Qingdao Haizhibao Marine Biological Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao Haizhibao Marine Biological Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Judayang Group. Since 2009, it has been committed to the production and sales of high-quality seaweed fertilizers. Haizhibao fully taps and utilizes the Group's global resource advantages, and currently has 2 registered trademarks such as "Deep Sea Power", and 3 fertilizer registration certificates.

Qingdao Haizhibao Marine Biological Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate mission of "real seaweed, good fertilizer", and combines Australian advanced technology and a large number of liquid seaweed fertilizer use cases to copy, improve and upgrade domestic liquid seaweed fertilizers. At the same time, through the improvement of products in the domestic market according to local conditions, the performance of products has been continuously improved.

The deep sea power brand® liquid seaweed fertilizer developed by it aims to improve agricultural production efficiency and increase farmers' income. It is the responsibility of millions of farmers to use high-quality and high-efficiency seaweed fertilizer, and the goal of developing green and pollution-free agricultural fertilizers is to develop green agriculture. Contribute!

Qingdao Judayang Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd. is located in the West Coast New Area. It was established in August 2000. It is a full-industry chain marine biomedicine multinational group integrating seaweed cultivation, comprehensive processing and comprehensive utilization. The company uses seaweed as the main raw material to produce marine biological products such as algin, carrageenan, agar, seaweed polysaccharide medicinal hollow capsules, medicinal excipients, seaweed oligosaccharide, seaweed fiber, seaweed food, seaweed animal and plant nutrients, and the products sell well in China. outside. The company is fully implementing the construction of "two parks and one base". Among them, the industrial park has been recognized as the "first seaweed comprehensive processing park" by the China Algae Industry Association. The completed marine biomedical science and technology park is a major project in Shandong Province. The Lingshan Bay area is building a national-level marine ranch demonstration base. The enterprise is realizing the high-end upgrade from food grade to marine biopharmaceutical grade. At present, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise has leaped to the forefront of the same industry in the world.

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system certification, HALAL certification, KOSHER certification, BRC certification, NSF and other system certifications, and the products have been registered with the US FDA.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, a national seaweed industrial processing technology research and development center, a national seaweed comprehensive processing technology center, a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, and a national marine ranch demonstration area. The company has been approved to establish Shandong Provincial Academician Workstation , Shandong Engineering Research Center, Shandong Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, Shandong Province New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Industry (Special) Public Training Base. It has won honorary titles such as the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province, the demonstration enterprise of specialization and specialization in Qingdao, and the invisible champion enterprise in Qingdao. In 2021, the company will be shortlisted for the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province, shortlisted in the list of "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Shandong Province for Innovation Potential", "Top 100 Private Enterprises" in Qingdao and "Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises" in Qingdao.

  • 2009

    Company was established

  • 14000

    Factory building area

  • 5000000

    Company establishment registered capital

  • 20

    Professional research team