Qingdao Haizhibao Marine Biological Co., Ltd.


Development Goals

Do a good job in seaweed industrial processing, strengthen the main business of seaweed comprehensive processing, optimize the seaweed biological industry, and strive to create a world-class marine biological industry multinational group.


Corporate Measures

Qingdao Marine Biomedical Technology Park, Seaweed Comprehensive Processing Park, and Seaweed Resource Guarantee Base at home and abroad will be formed.

Starting from 2022, it is planned to form a development plan of "two parks and one base" within three years:

(1) New science and technology parks. Within three years, a marine biomedical science and technology park and supporting parks with a total construction volume of 270,000 square meters covering an area of 180 acres will be built, forming a research and development center, an innovation and maker area, a technology incubation area and a pilot test base. Introduce colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to establish an industry-university-research cooperation platform; introduce high-level talents and college students to form a marine biomedical talent gathering base; introduce upstream, downstream and cross-border enterprises to form a headquarters economy and achievement transformation base. At present, the first phase of the project has entered the decoration stage in an all-round way, and is in the process of docking with Xiuxiu Pharmaceutical, Ocean University of China, Qingdao Marine Biomedical Research Institute and other in-depth integration of high-tech development.

(2) Newly-built industrial parks. Within three years, a 300-acre industrial park will be built to form the industrialization of six series of products: high-end functional food of seaweed, medicinal raw materials of seaweed, medicinal excipients of seaweed, medicinal materials of seaweed, health food of seaweed, high-efficiency agricultural feed of seaweed, and fertilizer. At present, the mature innovation achievement of Academician Zeng Huashi's team-the industrialization of marine oligosaccharide is being implemented, and the industrialization base of the Inter-Park Marine Oligosaccharide Preparation Center is being fully promoted to settle in the new area, realizing the primary products of alginate from food additives to functional health care, special The upgrade of medical food and pharmaceutical raw materials has achieved a qualitative leap in the current sales of 100,000 to 2 million yuan per ton.